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System integration of real model pumped – storage hydro power plant[edit]

Author: Zvolánek Michal

Diplomové práce 2011

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The main goal of this thesis is system integration of a real pumped-storage hydro power plant model, completion of the hardware part and the implementation of basic control algorithms including visualization. The main focus of the thesis is on analysis, design and application of system integration of the model and its incorporation to the education process at the Department of Control Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague. In context of this case, the integration to the system for remote access Lablink is solved as well as subsequent problems. Consequently, the possible risks of running model are analyzed and their solution is discussed. Particular chapters are devoted to the implementation of both local and remote visualization and the basic control algorithms. In conclusion, the methodology of collecting and use of archival dates is described. The result of this thesis is also technical documentation, which is attached as a separate document because of its comprehensiveness.

Dp 2011 zvolanek michal.pdf