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Model-Based Design for programable controlers[edit]

Author: Andrejco Michal

Diplomové práce 2011

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The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate a new progressive developing method Model-Based Design on the field of automation techniqe. It will be used Matlab tools PLC-Coder and developing tool Mosaic for Tecomat programable logic controlers. Thesis will show the kind of implementation of the system model in a grafical interface of Simulink. After that the model will be implemented on the programable logic controler platform. The main idea is creating a set of simple demonstrative models by using the tool PLC-Coder of Matlab system and portage of the generated code to the Mosaic, Tecomat PLC's software developing tool. Finaly will be introduced kind of usefullnes the model for the diagnostic task in an automation system.

Dp 2011 andrejco michal.pdf