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Identification toolbox for Scilab[edit]

Author: Novotný Martin

Diplomové práce 2011

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This thesis deals with the development of the identification toolbox for Scilab environment, which is similar to the System Identification ToolBox (SITB) for Matlab.

First, the thesis is focused on the development of the identification toolbox (Identification Toolbox for Scilab) with selected standard features, which also offers the commercial SITB. Second, we deal with new methods from the system identification research area, such as NonNegative Garrote (NNG) method for order selection of linear models, Errors-In-Variables (EIV) identification, Subspace State-Space System IDentification (4SID), Prediction Error Method (PEM) initialized by 4SID method, the use of Black-Box (BB) modeling for estimating a physical parameters of a system and the square-root implementation of Kalman filter.

Dp 2011 novotny martin.pdf