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Time Synchronous Data Acquisiton System[edit]

Author: Eliáš Vojtěch

Diplomové práce 2012

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This thesis describes design and implementation of general-purpose time synchronous data acquisiton system. The system consists of a set of independent embedded devices (modules) equipped with 32-bit microcontrollers from the STM32 device family used for distributed data acquisition and control. Ethernet network is applied as the communication medium thus enabling remote supervision of the system using personal computer. The main features of the designed solution are utilization of TCP/IP protocol suite ensuring data communication, application of standard IEEE-1588 for precise time synchronisaton over the networked devices and utilization of embedded real-time operating system FreeRTOS. Part of this thesis is dedicated to design and development of a compact proccessor module that is intended to be used in experimental application designs and for educational purposes in courses focused on embedded systems within the Open Informatics education program, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague.

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