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Benchmark of Real-Time Java Implementations[edit]

Author: Janoušek Michal

Diplomové práce 2012

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Diploma thesis is concerned with programming real-time systems. It is focusing on use of Java programming language in real-time systems. The base part is reprogramming algorithm for Monte-Carlo localization (MCL) of robots from C language to Java. The main goal is to create methodology for comparison of different implementations of RT Java. The part of thesis is development of benchmark application, which is based on MCL algorithm and its outputs are used for the comparison. In the next part is described analysis of application requirements and reasons for use of individual technologies. Description of realization of benchmark development, its single parts and design of web interface for comparison of results and publication as open source project is described too. Thesis contains final benchmark application and mentions the possibilities of further development.

Dp 2012 janousek michal.pdf