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Remote control of model in the laboratory[edit]

Author: Pecka Jaroslav

Diplomové práce 2012

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This thesis deals with the involvement of the educational model into the system of distant laboratory LabLink. This system provides access to models placed in the laboratory of distributed control systems, at the Department of Control Engineering, Charles Square in Prague. These models are primarily used at practice lessons of Control systems course. For the exemplary solution was chosen model of pneumatic lifts. The proposed network solution uses an industrial network communication protocol Profinet IO. For program control of PLC SIMATIC S300 series, which controls the model, is used Command Interface library. Using this library are created executable scripts in C# programming language. These scripts are run automatically from the server LabLink. This way is ensured maintenance of configuration and programs contained in PLC.

Further is solved extension of the model of safety features. In the laboratory was installed safety PLC SIMATIC 315F-2 DP/PN and wireless mobile safety visualization panel MP277F IWLAN. This devices has been integrated into the current network solution based on Profinet IO protocol, with extension of safety protocol ProfiSAFE. Within the scope of safety system has been defined effective ranges and zones of mobile panel, the safety control program has been designed and the visualization of control proces of the pneumatic lift model has been created.

Dp 2012 pecka jaroslav.pdf