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Optical Attitude Determination Subsystem for PilsenCube Pico Satellite[edit]

Author: Kandimala Nagarjuna Rao

Diplomové práce 2012

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Today’s Attitude Determination Subsystem (ADS) used by CubeSat class are expensive and complex to implement, this thesis is aimed at providing low cost, power efficient and simple to implement ADS solution for CubeSat class using Optical sensors. Three different optical sensors are used namely TPS-230, EPD-365 and BPW-21 for Infrared radiation, UV radiation and Visible radiation detection respectively. With these sensors arranged in the middle on all the walls 3-axis attitude determination is achieved. These sensors when irradiated by Sun or Earth or both, demonstrate different characteristics, which are used for estimating the attitude of the satellite by determining the position of Sun and Earth. Different relative positions of Sun and Earth are simulated and the simulation results were found to be satisfactory. An algorithm is proposed based on these simulations for low power ADCS computer. From the simulation results this solution demonstrates feasibility.

Dp 2012 kandimala rao.pdf