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Climatic Unit Control[edit]

Author: Dostál Jiří

Diplomové práce 2013

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The aim of this thesis is to propose a control of temperature, humidity and illumination in a climatic unit. Initially, a specific climatic unit - the Klimabox - is described; the control is to be realized on this climatic unit. The first part also lists psychrometric properties of moist air and their calculation. The communication system necessary for a data acquisition and command signaling is presented in the next part. The acquired data is stored in an external database using a newly created computer program. The program also provides a network communication interface by which a controller is to be connected to the Klimabox. Further, an identification of the Klimabox dynamic model is explained. The system was first described using the first principles (white-box method); a library of basic dynamic components was created and the model was constructed. The paper further presents black-box identification methods that led to the identification of the Klimabox model suitable for a controller design. The next part shows the development of a model predictive controller for the climatic unit. The control process was simulated on the identified model and afterwards realized on the real Klimabox. Finally, a possible future development of the climatic unit and its controller is proposed.

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