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PC104 I/O Modul Driver with Post Mortem Record Storage Extension[edit]

Author: Leoš Klik

Diplomové práce 2013

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The work deals with an extension of a driver for the RTD SDM8540HR-1 card. That is an PCI/104 I/O module. The former version had been developed within my bachelor's thesis. The current driver implements a new approach of internal synchronization. It is possible to take samples from A/D converter more than once during one RT period thanks to this change. The basic configuration of the card has been also modified to be able to shorten RT period below 200 us. It also implements a system for measured values logging with configurable start/stop condition. All user functions are included in one static library called SDM8540.lib. Since the C language lacks the namespace support, names of all functions start with the SDM8540_ or LOG_ prefix because of better transparency for the user programmed source code. The driver is supposed to be used with the 2nd generation of the real-time kernel developed by R. Martínek and it isn't compatible with its previous version. The driver is designed to be used in a real-time system.

Dp 2013 klik leos.pdf