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Design of control system for slot car for competition Freescale Race Challenge[edit]

Author: Jaroslav Marek

Diplomové práce 2013

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This diploma thesis describes design of control system for standard slot car for Carrera Evolution racing tracks. The thesis deals with description of used electronic components, mathematical modeling of slot car dynamics, through programming of data acquisition, control structure and provides an introduction into reinforcement learing. The slot car is controlled by microcontroller MCF51JM64, which is situated on printed circuit board inside slot car and designed by Freescale Semiconductor, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. The slot car is driven by DC motor, which is controlled through integrated H-bridge MC33931. Accelerometer MMA7361L, gyro sensor LY530ALH and velocity sensor which consits of reflexive sensor QRE113 and rosette were used for slot car's ride analysis. The circuit with differential amplifier was created for current measurement. Measured data can be saved on micro SD card. Programming of microcontroller is ensured by connecting computer and microcontroller through mini USB port. Cascade structure, which is composed of current and velocity loop was used for velocity control of slot car. Then preparation for Freescale Race Challenge 2012 is described. Q-learning was analyzed, which belongs to reinforcement learning algorithms and was tried simple learning algorithm.

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