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Traincar Air Condition and Heating Control System[edit]

Author: Michal Sluštík

Diplomové práce 2013

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The comfort offered whilst travelling on a passenger train has a large impact on passenger satisfaction. Air conditioning in a carriage is one of the elements that provide this comfort. It has to ensure a pleasant temperature in all of the carriage compartments in course of the entire journey. The topic of this master’s thesis is a design and application of an air conditioning system for the ABmz-series carriages. Based on a requirements analysis, this thesis designs the structure of the air conditioning control system and its hardware architecture, including microcontroller software equipment. Particular attention is paid to design and implementation of communication between the individual system components.Design emphasis is put on the stability and reliability of the solution, as it is a project development of a real air conditioning system, which will be employed in daily operation.

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