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Control and localization system for a quadrotor helicopter[edit]

Author: Michal Vykouk

Diplomové práce 2013

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This thesis deals with kontrol and methods of determining the position of a four-rotor helicopter in areas that are inaccessible for ground robot. The helicopter is a part of a robotic team that plays the role of exploration of unknown space.To extend the operating space four-rotor helicopter we can use several methods. The first method of localization uses the internal sensors of the helicopter. Another methods, which use significant pixels of a video stream (SLAM method, "Teach and replay"). The last discussed localization system is based on the location of previously known circular pattern in the image.As the most suitable method was choosen external localization method with known pattern in the image. This algorithm has been implemented on PC and experimentally verified with the robotic platform P3-AT, mobile heliport and four-rotor helicopter AR.Drone.

Dp 2013 vykouk michal.pdf