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Development of flying and rotary shears laboratory model[edit]

Author: Kletečka Tomáš

Diplomové práce 2014

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This diploma thesis deals with a design of software tools for control of a laboratory model of flying shear and rotary knife. Laboratory model consists of industrial automation components by Schneider Electric company. This work describes application of fucntion blocks from the Packaging Library (by Schneider Electric) using template projects, which include complete configuration needed for practical usage flying shear and rotary knife. Visualization for human - machine interface, which enables easy setting and control of the model, has been developed as well. Didactic materials, which are included in a form of presentation slides, can be put to use as a learning tool for industrial orientated schools or as a training tool for customers and engineers of Schneider Electric.

Dp 2014 kletecka tomas.pdf
P 2014 kletecka tomas.pdf