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System for goods origin verification[edit]

Author: Pěček Jan

Diplomové práce 2014

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The process of goods origin verification may be sometimes difficult. This thesis is about design and implementation system for goods origin verification which contains strict security rules. It's divided by good practices of software engineering design to parts: requirements specification, analysis and design and the implementation. In the first part, functional and non-functional requirements are specified to build a real and working solution. There are security rules required too. In depend on the previous part with requirements the analysis and design is done, including use-cases definition (in a few views), used technologies and security rules. These rules describe processes and communication in the system and how to secure data stored with products. The last part is about system realization. It describes components structure, used technologies and principles. The goal of this work is to design and realize the secure system for goods origin verification.

Dp 2014 pecek jan.pdf
P 2014 pecek jan.pdf