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"Tactical grade" Inertial Navigation System[edit]

Author: Bílý Marek

Diplomové práce 2015

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This diploma thesis deals with design and implementation of SW for inertial navigation system (INS). The INS uses two microcontroller units, which are the measurement unit and the computing unit. The measurement unit provides data collection of quartz accelerometers and fiber optic gyro-scopes in "Tactical Grade category", triaxial magnetometer and GPS receiver. The measurement unit performs a data processing using filtration and correction of deterministic sensor errors of ac-celerometers and gyroscopes. The computing unit performs navigation algorithm, which output is estimation of position, velocity and attitude angles. The communitaciton between measurement and computing units is done via CAN bus. The computing unit provides the output of measured and navigation data via RS-232 bus. Furthermore, software for the PC, which is able to visualize data of computing unit real-time and store it, was designed and implemented.

Dp 2015 bily marek.pdf
P 2015 bily marek.pdf