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Real-time optimization-based control for dielectrophoresis[edit]

Author: Michálek Tomáš

Diplomové práce 2015

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This thesis describes the control design for a noncontact manipulation of micro- and mesoscale objects utilizing the dielectrophoresis. Specifically, the currently available system based on an optimization in real-time is documented. The optimization problem is further extended so that changes in both the amplitudes and the phase shifts of the voltage signals are used for actuation. A suitable numerical solver is chosen for the given optimization task and the system is experimentally verified. The two different electrode arrays allowing linear and planar motion are used. Furthermore, the issues related to the system scalability, such as the growing computational demands and mutual particle force interactions, are analyzed and appropriate solutions proposed.

Dp 2015 michalek tomas.pdf
P 2015 michalek tomas.pdf