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Distributed task Mapping in Reconfigurable Networked Embedded Systems[edit]

Author: Saro Jan

Diplomové práce 2015

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Nowadays, the ability to change and migrate functionality on self-adaptive and reconfigurable embedded devices in the wireless sensor networks becomes a common property. Beside that ability, devices are able to compute/perform tasks representing functionalities and also communicate wirelessly with other devices in the network. Each standalone device is power supplied by a battery and has to regularly monitor a ratio between amount of load represented by mapped tasks on the device and capacity of the power resource. When on any device this ratio decreases under an intended level, the device invokes a failure state in the network. The aim of that thesis is to propose the distributed algorithm, which is able to repaired that fault state by changing the task mapping on devices in the network.

Dp 2015 saro jan.pdf
P 2015 saro jan.pdf