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Real-time optimization-based control and estimation for dielectrophoretic micromanipulation[edit]

Author: Gurtner Martin

Diplomové práce 2016

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This diploma thesis focuses on several problems related to micromanipulation based on dielectrophoresis (DEP). First, a new real-time position estimation method for microparticles was designed, implemented and tested in experiments. The method is based on twin-beams illumination and lensless digital holography. As such, it only needs a very simple, cheap and compact hardware. Second, in order to pursue a model-based control design strategy for positioning the microparticles, a simple yet accurate mathematical model relating the voltages applied to the microelectrodes with the generated DEP force is needed. In this thesis, such a model is derived within the framework of Green's functions. Third, the computational problem of determining the voltages to be applied to the microelectrodes in order to establish the required DEP force is analyzed and several algorithms solving the problem are introduced. These invoke some linear-algebraic concepts from the numerical range (or field of values) of a complex matrix and semidefinite programing.

Dp 2016 gurtner martin.pdf
P 2016 gurtner martin.pdf