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Software design of the graphical attendance terminal[edit]

Author: Velek Martin

Diplomové práce 2016

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This diploma thesis deals with design of a low level software of the graphical attendance terminal powered by low-resource microcontroller based on ARM architecture using Open Source development tools. The goal is to design and implement system allowing multi-layered access to the hardware components of the terminal. The solution is based on method of abstract layering defining Peripheral Driver API - Device Drivers - Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) drivers and the unified interface between the layers of the drivers and real-time operating system layer (OSAL). Developed solution provides the possibility to replace microcontroller or operating system only by changing the HAL. This feature allows to verify faultless operation of the software and collaboration of individual program components in conjunction with the operating system on a personal computer using existing software tools that cannot be run on microcontrollers.

Dp 2016 velek martin.pdf
P 2016 velek martin.pdf