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A robotic testbed for low-gravity simulation[edit]

Author: Jakub Tomášek

Diplomové práce 2016

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Upcoming space missions require validation of new robotic concepts for example for on-orbit servicing, active debris removal, and landing on low-gravity bodies. The thesis demonstrates a novel testbed based on a mobile robot for testing in a microgravity and low-gravity environment. When compared to conventional facilities based on air bearings, the testbed allows time-unlimited experiments with significantly lower inertia. The thesis in detail describes development of a prototype as a proof of concept and its verification. The tests demonstrate accurate dynamics at velocities ranging from 20 mms^-1 to 200 mms^-1 with payload mass of 4.7 kg and support mass of only 2.9 kg. Measured residual acceleration was below 0.001g but the concept allows to significantly improve this value.

Dp 2016 tomasek jakub.pdf
P 2016 tomasek jakub.pdf