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Flow control by shaping electric field through an array of microelectrodes[edit]

Author: Jan Machek

Diplomové práce 2017

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In presented thesis, utilization of a physical phenomenon called electroosmosis for a non-contact fluid flow control and/or micro object manipulation is analyzed. Unlike most of the current state of the art research papers, this thesis does not restrict the considered domain to a one-dimensional microchannel, but two- or even three-dimensional motion is considered. The physical problem itself is explained and a mathematical model is created and numerically simulated in COMSOL Multiphysics, a commercial finite element method solver. Five microelectrode arrays were fabricated and used to perform experiments to validate derived model. The fabrication process is also documented. Then three control approaches to manipulating fluid and a particle immersed in the fluid are proposed in the end of this thesis. The control methods are verified using the mathematical model.