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Laboratory models[edit]

Laboratory models are in section Laboratory models.

Computers (PC)[edit]

There are 15 computers (14 for students + 1 for teacher).


  • processor Intel Pentium 4, processor speed 3 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 17' LCD monitor AG Neovo


  • operating system MS Windows XP SP2
  • Office suites MS Office and OpenOffice.org
  • MATLAB R2007b and MATLAB R2009b
  • RSLogix
  • internet browsers MS IE and Mozilla Firefox, e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird
  • text editor EditPad Pro, file archiver IZArc, image viewer IrfanView, PDF viewer Adobe Reader

Programmable logic controllerrs (PLC)[edit]

There are PLC's by company Allen-Bradley the Logix Control Platform, which is characterized by a common instruction set and integrated development environment RSLogix5000.

RSLogix 5000[edit]

RSLogix 5000 software offers an easy-to-use, IEC61131-3 compliant interface, symbolic programming with structures and arrays and a comprehensive instruction set that serves many types of applications. It provides ladder logic, structured text, function block diagram and sequential function chart editors for program development as well as support for the S88 equipment phase state model for batch and machine control applications see Rockwell Software page.


Allen-Bradley ControlLogix is modular PLC, the most powerful of the Logix Control Platform. ControlLogix on ab.com


Allen-Bradley CompactLogix is PLC for small and middle applications. CompactLogix on ab.com

Small Logix Controller[edit]

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 is a small modular PLC. SLC 500 on ab.com

The others[edit]

  • two tables
  • projector Panasonic