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Laboratory models are used for support of education simulation and controlling dynamic systems. They are used in basic courses in bachelor's degree for education identification and controlling with classic regulators (PID, state feedback) and with modern methods (f.e. LQ, LQG and MPC regulators). Models are controlling directly in Matlab/Simulink schemes with Real Time Toolbox or with programmable logic controllers by Rockwell Automation.

Coupled Tanks V1 - V4[edit]

Laboratory models Coupled Tanks V1 - V4 were made in Jiří Hanzlík's diploma thesis in 2008 as models of controlling water level in coupled tanks with closed loop. They are used for education regulation and simulation of dynamic systems and likewise programmable controllers (PLC). They simulate systems in petrochemical, chemical or another industry or water-resources management.

Coupled Tanks V5[edit]

Laboratory model Coupled Tanks V5 was used for the study of control engineering in The K23 laboratory in since 1991. In 2008 was reconstructed by Jozef Fetterik in his bachelor thesis. The model contains 2 tanks connected by a valve. At every tank is connected one gear pump, one escape valve to the reservoir of water and the sensor of the water level. For controlling can be used PC, programmable controller, analog computer Meda or manual control.

Water Power Plant E1[edit]

Laboratory model Water power plant was modernized as a model of system with large and variable transport delay by Milan Janeček in his bachelor thesis in 2007. The system is in present in The K26 laboratory. Into The K23 laboratory will be transported after a finalization of its reconstruction.

Levitation L1[edit]

Levitation L1 demostrate pneumatic transport of material. The main part is 2m long transparent plastic material where is a body. In the bottom part of the model is a ventilator which work like a source of airflow. Its control is possible to move with the body up and down.

Thermal System T1[edit]

Thermal System T1 contains two separate systems with various time constants which is represented by resistors with different isolation. Resistors are placed in the middle of PC coolers. Its temperature is measured by semiconductor devices.

Servomechanism Amira S1[edit]

Servomechanism Amira S1 consists of two identical DC motors solidly joined with a shaft. The first motor simulate a variant load torque. The second motor is actuated by signal of regulator.

Servomechanism S2[edit]

Servomechanism S2 simulate manual control of speed and angle of the servomechanism. On the front of the model is possible to get one of three replaceable discs which change the moment of inertia.

Lathe S3[edit]

Model Lathe S3 is a demonstration of a analog biaxial servosystem.

Ball and Beam K1[edit]

Ball and Beam K1 is physical system consists of a servomotor, a mechanical transmission and a beam with a steel ball. It is a non-linear unstable system.

Inverse Pendulum P1[edit]

Inverse Pendulum P1 is non-linear unstable system consists of a linear-moving drive and on it loosely fastened arm.

Fast Drives M1[edit]

Fast Drives M1 is a psysical system which allows control of one drive, depending on the speed of the second drive and changing the gear ratio.