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Design of the intelligent control of the new one-family house

Author: Smíšek Jan

Bakalářské práce 2009

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This Bachelor thesis concerns a project of intelligent control of a one-family house. In the introduction part general requirements for the control of one-family houses are worded with the concentration on the functions of electro-installation. The thesis introduces furthermore the control unit Tecomat Foxtrot and a system of intelligent electro-installation Inels in development under cooperation with the Czech establishments Teco a.s. and Elko EP s.r.o. In this part are described the qualities of the installation bus CIB, for the most part used electro-installation modulus and the possibility of their communication with the user and in conclusion are mentioned the possibilities o�ered by Integrated development environment Mosaic. Within the thesis is furthermore applied the project of an intelligent installation in the chosen type object involving also the prize calculation. In this project are described the used elements Inels, hereafter their number, location, connection and adjustment. On a simple example is demonstrated the procedure of adjustment of the connected elements and the programming of their function.

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