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Lead/lag regulator design method ensuring the amplitude and phase margin

Author: Zábojník Jan

Bakalářské práce 2010

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The purpose of this bachelor thesis was to create in MATLAB a procedure set, that would allow the graphic design of optimal lead/lag controllers with regard to the required phase and amplitude margin. The implemented design method is applicable to any model of a stable system - its transfer function. It is based on frequency design method, which uses the shaping of an open-loop Bode characteristic according to a given phase and amplitude margin. Computed regulators are illustrated in the user application as curves in the plane. All solutions meet exact user specified requirements for the phase and amplitude margin. Method, which was based on finding a universal design methodology of the lead/lag controllers, is further enhanced by automatic selection of optimal solutions, according to the location of the dominant poles and zeros of the regulator. Through this thesis a simple tool, that was developed within the thesis with a close subject, was extended of optimal design of lead/lag controllers.

Bp 2010 zabojnik jan.pdf