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An extension of the underactuated walking robot

Author: Tomáš Bukovský

Bakalářské práce 2012

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Abstrakt v anglickém jazyce: The bachelor thesis deals with an experimental development of an underactuated walking robot. The main aim of the thesis is the extension of electronic circuits attached to the mechanical model. The extension relates with an external memory and with a CPLD. The external memory will be used for storage of controller constant. The CPLD will be used for processing signals from incremental sensor. The incremental sensor is connected to the actuator and using this sensor is possible to measure relative angle between two links of the mechanical model. The last part of the bachelor thesis deals with 3D animation model in the Simulink 3D Animation environment. Using this environment is possible to show the simulation of feedback control of the underactuated mechanical system.

Bp 2012 bukovsky tomas.pdf