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System for automatic aircraft observation and recording based on ADS-B

Author: Hriadel David

Bakalářské práce 2016

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The thesis describes the development of a system for automatic aircraft observation and recording using ADS-B surveillance system. The system process ADS-B messages acquired from aircrafts using suitable receiver and plots them on the map, allowing user to choice the plane he would like to capture through the built-in touchscreen. Furthermore it determines its own position on the Earth with GPS and its magnetic heading required for successful aircraft tracking. After selecting the aircraft desired to watch, servomotors try to smoothly and precisely move the camera so the object is recorder to the video file. The system is powered by batteries and is assembled to the mobile plastic board capable of mounting to a tripod---to allow the system be used on any place.

Bp 2016 hriadel david.pdf
P 2016 hriadel david.pdf