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Automotive Active Suspension System

Author: Erik Markovič

Bakalářské práce 2006

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This bachelor thesis is concerned with principles an automotive active suspension controller and design a control algorithm of this suspension. The active suspension design is based on two main requirements – a comfort and a handling performance. Both of these requirements are contradictory and it’s necessary to choose compromise. It’s impossible to satisfy them only with passive suspension simultaneously in fact, there is no way to change factory adjustment of passive suspension. The active suspension solves the problem by adding a control power source.

For control design is chosen a quarter car model representation, which is consists of wheel, suspension, spring, linear control power source and quarter car weight. The PD, LQ and H(infinity) controller are designed and simulated on the model. From comparison is resulted thatcontroller is usable for an automotive active suspension, respecting both handling performance and robustness of controlled system.

Bp 2006 markovic erik.pdf