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Orientation in space

Author: Ondřej Ton

Bakalářské práce 2006

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The first part of this bachelor thesis describes suitable methods of the measuring depth of scene (depth map) for orientation of a mobile device in space – the model of a helium filled airship. The model of the airship has certain limitations on which accent is put. The limitations are especially the lifting capacity of the airship model and consumption of the electronic part. Electronic device located on airship model should be able to mesure distances (or the obstacles located) up to 10 meters. In the second part, the aim is to verify possibilities usage one of the methods of the measuring the depth of scene – the active triangulation by using laser line module and CMOS camera module. Concerning realized parts of the project, the communication via personal computer parallel port, with camera (CMOS module), throught an I2C bus, is described.

Bp 2006 ton ondrej.pdf