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Document preprocess for WEB[edit]

Author: Beneš Libor

Diplomové práce 2003

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This diploma thesis solves the problem of automatic creating and updating hyperlinks in the HTML documents according to the data (addresses and texts of hyperlinks) which are saved in the database. It is possible to obtain these data from the documents, where the hyperlinks have already been created.

From the analysis of each individual problem the procedure for adaptation of HTML documents emerges so as the direct processing of them is possible. The task of creating hyperlinks was successfully transferred to procession of text by a simple automatic machine for which generation grammar was designed. The task of depositing the hyperlinks solves the problem with finding the text and address of the hyperlinks, the problem with processing the address in a relative form and the problem that hyperlinks composite more than one element. The task of updating hyperlinks, which is the combination of both previous tasks, solves then the problem with creating a new document. This diploma thesis also includes the proposal of database and compiling of algorithms for individual tasks. All the designed solutions were attested by experiments. ilustrace k diplomove praci/diploma thesis illustration

Dp 2003 benes libor.pdf