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PROFIBUS-PA monitoring with Bluetooth interface[edit]

Author: Jurčík Petr

Diplomové práce 2003

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Data from the PROFIBUS PA fieldbus is transmitted via the Bluetooth radio interface to the Bluetooth suitable devices such as PCs, PDA and etc. There are used the following hardware components at the developed module; ASIC chip Siemens SIM 1 for power supply from the PROFIBUS PA bus and for a signal decoding; microcontroller Texas Instruments MSP430F148 for download and run the appropriate software programs and for radio interface is used a Bluetooth module Mitsumi WML-C06 based on the CSR’s (Cambridge Silicon radio) BlueCore01 chip. On the Bluetooth chip runs RFCOMM firmware with embedded two?processors architecture. The Mezoe’s BlueStack is used as a Bluetooth protocol stack. BCSP/microBCSP host transport protocol runs on the UART link between host (MSP430) and host controller (Bluetooth chip).

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