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Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Systems[edit]

Author: Novák Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2003

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In this text I deal with stability of fuzzy control systems. The three main approaches are introduced. The first one is based on Lyapunov theory. The stability analysis of fuzzy singleton state controller with plant modeled as a Takagi-Sugeno or singleton fuzzy system is described. The second part deals with input-output stability. Passivity approach is applied to prove stability of control system with Mamdani PD controller. Design procedure based on conicity criteria that ensures robust stability of fuzzy singleton MISO controller is introduced. The third part is dedicated to stability analysis on the symbolic level. Petri net is utilized to model behaviour of fuzzy closed loop system. Finally, design of fuzzy state controller of Ball and Hoop system and implementation of stability condition is presented.

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