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Numerical Algorithms for Polynomial Matrices in Java[edit]

Author: Paděra Michal

Diplomové práce 2004

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Object-oriented Java library for operating on polynomial matrices was created in this work. It provides developers and control engineers with a programming interface for implementing applications relying on manipulation with polynomial matrices. A polynomial matrix is a mathematical tool for description of both continuous and discrete dynamical systems. A new efficient object structure of classes storing various information about polynomial matrices was designed and it enables very efficient and reliable object oriented development of applications. Basic linear algebra operations with polynomial matrices were implemented. These algorithms are based on computation with constant matrices. Therefore existing Java library for computing with constant matrices was chosen. Syntax and semantics of implemented methods were documented and shown in simple examples of usage. Functionality of all methods was exceedingly tested and computational performance of more demanding operations was assessed by means of exhaustive numerical experiments. This initial version of Java library is fully functional and can be used in practice by applications that require operations on polynomial matrices.

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