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PLC Control of Model of Production with PCI-1750[edit]

Author: Rampas Martin

Diplomové práce 2004

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The master thesis discusses the control of a virtual model simulating of a traffic crossing. The model can run on a personal computer equipped by I/O card Advantech PCI-1750 and is controlled by a programmable logical controller (PLC) of Siemens.

The text of thesis consists on two main parts. The first part deals with the connection between PCI-1750 and the PLC. To allow the control of the virtual model, we have to design a proper interface for converting I/O voltage levels. Its design depends only on electrical parameters of I/O card channels, or PCL modules respectively.

The second part considers the algorithm for controlling street traffic with the aid of traffic signals. Our model of the crossing consists of four streets equipped by inducting detectors and it also has four crosswalks with push buttons for pedestrians.

The detectors and the push buttons are connected to the PLC, or to another control system. The outputs of the control are the states of the crossing signals for cars and for pedestrians.

Dp 2004 rampas martin.pdf