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Control of model using Internet[edit]

Author: Radek Tomášek

Diplomové práce 2004

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The thesis deals with the topic of monitoring and controlling of industrial systems through the Internet. The connection of such systems to the Internet can be ensured either directly by control automats with implemented web server, or by special visualization programmes, which communicate with corresponding automats. When accessing the system, it is vital to secure the protection against unauthorized encroachment. One possibility of such protection for Allen-Bradley systems is to use Security Server characteristics. An example of controlling the lathe model by the means of web sites illustrates this issue. Above mentioned web pages can be approached also from the SARI Internet textbook. Visualisation provides a web server located in the local computer, data for visualization are loaded from a database, where they are stored by the RSSql programme, which communicates with the automat.

Dp 2004 tomasek radek.pdf