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Orientation in a space[edit]

Author: Wohlgemuth Jan

Diplomové práce 2005

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This thesis presents control of an airship model, its orientation and localization in the space. Model is equipped with several motors and servo-mechanismus for the model movement control. There are sensors for a location determination and a barrier detection.

The most important sensors are ultrasonic range meters for measuring distance to the barrier and electronic compass for measuring model angular position. Through a microcontroler PIC model communicates with the superior personal computer using wireless communication modules Bluetooth. A representation of the measured data, data processing and visualisation is realized on superior personal computer. After a data processing the computer transmits control sequences to the slave microcontroler. The model by moving through the explored space measures distances to barriers. New data contribute on an improvement of the space map. Project is a demonstration of wireless communication in automation.

Dp 2005 wohlgemuth jan.pdf