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Control of high-speed servo-drive[edit]

Author: Grudinin Iľja

Diplomové práce 2008

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The goal of this thesis is to extend possibilities of existing juggling machine to machine juggling with three billiard balls. The next part of the diploma thesis is the creation of an intermediate stage of three exemplars, which will be useful for students to gain basics programming skills at system made up of PLC, Acopos and synchronous servomotor. Five lessons were created for this purposes, that should guide students from setting a new project till creation of a cam profile automat. In the context of juggling machine the moving analysis and the proposal for technical changes to supplementation of gear-box there have been carried out. There was also programme changes in completion of third axis of the linear motor. In practise electronical cam profiles commonly replace mechanical cam profiles because of more programing flexibility and superior durability.

Dp 2008 grudinin ilja.pdf