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Educational Model of Solar Heating[edit]

Author: Hynek Frauenberg

Diplomové práce 2008

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This diploma thesis covers design of a mathematical model and a software environment drawn up for the education of industrial controllers design. The diploma thesis is the part of euSophos 2C06010 project granted by the Ministry of Education. The simulation core applies the services of The Matlab Control Toolbox and simulates a bivalent heating system in a small house. The project represents the observing utility for solar energy effect in the all year house heating rate. All implemented simulations are based on the real data from measurements of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. The mathematical model is based on the physical thermodynamic laws, it reflects real collector parameters and the house isolation material properties, according to ČSN. The developed application contains the network interface for the distributed educational system. The graphic interface is based on the open source of the graphic library OpenGL. The advanced 3D visualization techniques demonstrate the heating circle structure and the dynamism of the system by the interactive way.

Dp 2008 frauenberg hynek.pdf