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Active Suspension Control Using H[edit]

Author: Chaloupek Jindřich

Diplomové práce 2009

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Diploma thesis solves robust H∞ controller design of an automotive active suspension. Usage of an automotive active suspension has two main reasons. At first is the enhancement of passenger’s riding comfort and second is the improvement of car’s handling performance. These requirements are contradictory and it is impossible to implement them by using passive suspension.

At first I have designed the controllers for automotive active suspension for the quarter car model, then for the half car model. For controlling the full car model I have used the controllers from the quarter car model and half car model with the different parameters. The quarter car model is compound of a quarter car weights, a wheel, a damper, a spring and an actuator. The automotive active suspension uses controlled force source in form of a linear motor as an actuator. The quarter car model enables to simulate only the car vertical movement. The half car model consists of two tight linked quarter car models and beyond enables to simulate car pitching motion. The full car model consists of two tight linked half car models and beyond enables to simulate car rolling motion. I designed controllers to minimize car vertical deviation, pitching and rolling. Control of H∞ controllers from simulations meets the higher mentioned reasons.

Dp 2009 chaloupek jindrich.pdf