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Control of MIMO laboratory model coupled tanks[edit]

Author: Bubla Petr

Diplomové práce 2011

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The model of Coupled Tanks comprises controling the level of liquid in the tanks. It is equipped with industrial sensors and actuators. This master thesis deals with mathematical derivation of the model and identification of the real system of coupled tanks such as MIMO system and controller designed for control of liquid level in both tanks. There are chosen two different methods for identification of the real system, experimental obtain the parameters of the state model, and a more sophisticated method called subspace identification methods. For the obtain linear mathematical model there is a throughly made analysis of the system to avoid any problems during the design of the controllers. The main goal of this master thesis is to design several types of controllers. At first there is a decentralized PIDf controller designed. In the effort to achieve a better quality of the regulation there are used in the next part of this master thesis advanced control algorithms from the section of the modern control engineering such as LQG and the postmodern theory of control engineering such as Hinf optimization.

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