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Porting of resource reservation framework to RTEMS executive[edit]

Author: Beneš Petr

Diplomové práce 2011

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The aim of this thesis is to create a port of a FRSH/FORB project for RTEMS operating system. FRSH/FORB is a software middleware implementing a resource reservation framework for tasks running on a certain operating system, in particular real-time embedded systems. So far, the framework runs on Linux platform, which is only a general purpose operating system. Therefore, the port is to be done for RTEMS. The main steps to achieve this are redesigning a part the framework in order to become independent of the underlying operating system, preparation of the latest version of RTEMS, implementing an EDF scheduler with a sporadic server, linking the framework together with RTEMS, and finally testing with an appropriate application. The framework has been refactored and scheduler implemented and tested. Only the last part of linking was not finished because of lack of time.

Dp 2011 benes petr.pdf