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The platform for control of underactuated mechanical systems[edit]

Author: Rott Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2012

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The main aim of the master thesis is to design hardware and software for a laboratory model of an underactuated walking robot. The main purpose of this laboratory model is an experimental testing of algorithms designed for control and estimating states of underactuated walking robots. Thesis describes a design and a realisation of whole electronics used on the robot. Electronics is distributed amongst four print circuit boards (PCB). Each PCB controls one link of the robot and contains a microprocessor, sensors and a power-driving of a motor. Comunication among PCB is realised using CAN bus. Consequently, this work introduces a design and an implementation of algorithms for measuring and estimating all states of the robot and for control of all links of the robot from the Matlab in a real-time. One part of algorithms is written in C language and programmed in microprocessors which are located at all PCB. The second part of algorithms is implemented in the Matlab/Simulink and runs on PC. Comunnication between PC and PCB is also realised using CAN bus.

Dp 2012 rott ondrej.pdf