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Firmware of USB/CAN Gateway[edit]

Author: Semmler Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2012

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The aim of this project is the design and implementation of software gateway USB/CAN based on single chip processor with ARM7TDMI core and integrated controllers CAN and USB. The project implements the gateway fi rmware, which is divided into individual modules, allowing easy portability or replacement of individual parts. The project also includes a software interface between the hardware used and the application layer of the gateway with which it allows implementing new features of the hardware. Part of the project is a mechanism for updating firmware of the hardware through the USB. The fi rmware update allows users to change the functionality of hardware and extends the possibilities of its use. Within the implementation of firmware update functionality an adjustment was made to the existing drivers and respective libraries for operating system Microsoft Windows XP.

Dp 2012 semmler ondrej.pdf