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Algorithms for implementation of mechanical systems control[edit]

Author: Ibarra Gonzalez Haroldo Levi

Diplomové práce 2012

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Underactuated mechanical systems have less actuators than degrees of freedom and have been of particular interest during last decades. There are many different and well know underactuated mechanical systems that have been used to apply new concepts in non-linear control. One of the most well known is the Acrobot. The Acrobot is one of the simplest underactuated mechanical systems and consists of two links with only one actuator between them; it is seen as the simplest model for walking robots. In this thesis the model of the Acrobot is extended to the 4-link in order to make a more realistic model for a legged robot and the control will be done using the concept of virtual constraints. It will be shown how the 4-link can be controlled to achieve a stable tracking of the stable target walking trajectory. A model will be developed based on a real 4-link testbed to further practical implementation of the achieved control.

Dp 2012 ibarra haroldo.pdf